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Bespoke slides

Bespoke slides - Stainless steel spiral slide
Our products will be produced according the drawings. All photos are for information only and without responsibility. Subject to technical modifications. Regular maintenance checks.


All bespoke slides are made of stainless steel
sheet, material no. 1.4301. 2 mm thick; as
an alternative a material thickness of 2.5
mm is available.

Stainless steel spiral slide: The individual
segments are seamlessly welded together,
ground and polished. All welded seams are
made with rustproof welding material.

In order to draw up a quotation or a drawing,
please state the height differences and
the actual terrain situation. Small slopes
may require a platform to provide the
necessary gradient

EN 1176

Recommendation: Avoid positioning
towards the south! (Overheating of slide

Design options