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Stainless steel tower slide with wave

Stainless steel tower slide with wave
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Stainless steel construction, metal thickness 2.5 mm, with attached stainless steel supports

Slide slope 37°

* From platform height 2.50 m only suitable for use as a hillside slide! For drop height please observe the EN standard!
Tower slides from a platform height of 2.50 m only permissible with side panels; this type can be found on page 2-6!
Outside Germany: from platform height 2.00 m

0.48 m:
1 x 50 x 70 x 60 cm
0.98 m:
2 x 40 x 40 x 60 cm

Concrete needed:
ca. 0.10 m³

Total weight:
ca. 60 - 150 kg

ca. 2 P. x ca. 1 h


1.95 m:
1.95 m
2.20 m:
2.20 m
2.45 m:
2.45 m
2.70 m:
2.70 m
2.95 m:
2.95 m

EN 1176

Avoid positioning
towards the south!
(Overheating of
slide surface)

Design options

Element from stainless steel