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Company non-operation time from 24.12.2022 to 06.01.2023

Dear users,

We will be closed from 24.12.2022 to 06.01.2023.
From Monday, 09.01.2023, we will be personally available for you again.

Until then, we wish you pleasant holidays and please stay healthy! 

Merry Christmas and a Hayppy New Year

A fun play experience and discovering the variety !

FHS - Climbing playground Karwendel (No. 906182850S)

Welcome to FHS Holztechnik GmbH!

A fun play experience

Anyone who has watched children will know how enthusiastically they enjoy discovering the world around them through play. Indeed, playing on playground systems and equipment from FHS fosters children's imaginations, dexterity, strength and ability to concentrate and also helps to develop their motor skills.

Discover the variety

Since the early days of the FHS company, countless numbers of children around the world have experienced the great fun and joy of playing on its playground equipment, combinable play sets and playscapes. Whether it be classic items such as swings, see-saws, balancing and climbing equipment as well as sand and water play equipment, or our various combinable play sets and net systems, for more than 30 years, FHS has been providing play equipment internationally for outdoor areas to meet the play needs of active children and children with disabilities.

Furthermore, through the close cooperation and partnership with the play equipment designer Norbert Schwarz from the SPIELGERÄTE PARKBAUTEN consultancy we are also able to provide new and bespoke concepts for play equipment.

All our products comply with EN 1176. For all your outdoor play equipment needs, please take a look at our extensive range of products.

FHS - climbing park Silbersteinschule (OB010791)

NEW: Impulse for a fun play experience; - the new play equipment by FHS!

Pulse play equipment are game devices that allow children having fun play experience together - with one motion. Please watch the videos to our new play equipment:

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